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Get hints and tips about web design, SEO, and things internet. We also discuss online security issues, showcase new client websites and offer hints on marketing and networking.

Is that Domain name renewal legit or a scam?


main name renewal scams Questions... Where was your domain name registered, when is it due for renewal, and about how much should you pay for a 1 year renewal (generally)? If you don't know you'r...

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Using copyrighted image without consent scam

I'd hoped this may have died and gone away on its own, but it seems that "Melanie" (or whoever she or he really is) is a persistent little scammer that's working hard to screw you over. I've seen this...

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WCAG2.0 - what is it and should you care?

1990 Americans with Disabilities Act & your website  We've probably all heard the stories of brick-and-mortar businesses running foul of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and what it meant...

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When "defaults" don't cut it

For those who are more my age (suffice it to say, I'm still in my 50s...just!), and took to computing back in our 20s, we remember having to configure EVERYTHING! "Plug-n-play" wasn't even thought of ...

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Be afraid, be very afraid!

Yes, I confess, the title is a little melodramatic! However, when it comes to your online and IT security, a little paranoia is a good thing! The truth is, there are people out there just waiting...

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Don't just READ what you sign, REMEMBER what you sign!

adult-thinking Remember what you sign!

 Remember what (hopefully) your parents taught you? "Don't sign anything till you've read it through!" Totally brilliant advice, but, let's face it, how many of us do? When you signed that life i...

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Yelp - the review platform you love to hate

I'm pretty sure we've all had times we've said we hated Microsoft, or Google, or some other company whose product of service really ticked us off. It happens. But when it happens SO often that there a...

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What's your Content Security Policy?

Is your Content Security Policy secure?

Perhaps another, better, questions, is, do you have one? Or what IS a Content Security Policy? That's a great questions! It's a quite complicated series of policies designed to make websites more...

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5 easy tips for a more ADA compliant website

In the past, the Americans with Disabilities Act has, largely, been used against brick-and-mortar businesses to ensure easy access and movement for disabled people in stores.Alarmingly, for website ow...

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6 easy tips to supercharge your website

New Years' resolutions are a great thing... IF you carry them out. As Saint Bernard of Clairvaux (probably) wrote, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions"! No plan is bad, but a pla...

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Follow-up for Power Networkers

I have to admit, I can be bad at following up after a networking event. Kind of dumb really. I invested, at the very least, the time and gas to go there, but don't follow up. Now sure, I may have been...

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Braveheart on life

In the classic, but alas, factually incorrect film "Braveheart", on the eve of his execution William Wallace utters a very stirring line, "Every man dies. Not every man really lives." And Mark Twain s...

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8 simple website tips for 2019

Happy New Year (almost)! I know it's a cliche sort of thing, New Years resolutions. I also know that most of us end up breaking all our well-meaning promises to ourselves. This year, along with t...

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I'm probably going with another company...

Ever had this situation... You meet a prospect, who we'll call (very novel!!), John, and it seems your pitch went well. Then you ring back a few days later and they say, "Yeah, I'm probably going to s...

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A referral is a referral right?

When is a referral not a referral? When it's a lead, a lead being slightly more than a cold call. At worst, a referral should be a warm call, and, if we, the referral giver, do our job right, it shoul...

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Reasons why your competition may be outranking you

Ever searched for "<business type> near me" or "...closest"? Google Trends  shows that those searches have double in the last 2 years. These searches aren't pitting your business against th...

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Crypto-blackmail - yet another email scam

 We're all told to be vigilant about internet scams, and to safeguard our online profiles. But, in trying to do this, have we unwittingly exposed ourselves more than we already were? A few years ...

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Credit card processing woes

When we began CitrusKiwi 9 years ago, no merchant processor would touch us. No surprise really. Brand new company, owner brand new to the USA, no credit history. We had a lot going against us. So we w...

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Are phone videos OK to use on websites?

One thing is for sure, video is IT! As the Boomers and the Gen Xers become much less of a driving force in the buying market, those in the know see a new trend in how the up-and-coming purchasers - th...

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EU, GDPR and you

Today, May 25 2018, marks the introduction of a new law in the EU regarding privacy of data. For most of my clients (primarily based in the USA and some in New Zealand and Canada), the EU seems an awf...

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