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Don't just READ what you sign, REMEMBER what you sign!

 Remember what (hopefully) your parents taught you? "Don't sign anything till you've read it through!" Totally brilliant advice, but, let's face it, how many of us do? When you signed that life i...

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Yelp - the review platform you love to hate

I'm pretty sure we've all had times we've said we hated Microsoft, or Google, or some other company whose product of service really ticked us off. It happens. But when it happens SO often that there a...

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5 easy tips for a more ADA compliant website

In the past, the Americans with Disabilities Act has, largely, been used against brick-and-mortar businesses to ensure easy access and movement for disabled people in stores.Alarmingly, for website ow...

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Reasons why your competition may be outranking you

Ever searched for "<business type> near me" or "...closest"? Google Trends  shows that those searches have double in the last 2 years. These searches aren't pitting your business against th...

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EU, GDPR and you

Today, May 25 2018, marks the introduction of a new law in the EU regarding privacy of data. For most of my clients (primarily based in the USA and some in New Zealand and Canada), the EU seems an awf...

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How do you handle a situation where someone has made up a story and falsely accused you of things that NEVER happened on social media?

First rule of ANY review - good or bad - is to reply PROFESSIONALLY, HONESTLY and COURTEOUSLY. There are 4 reasons for this. First, you encourage those who have left positive reviews by thanking them ...

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Yelp, Manta and Google are always asking me to use their services. How can I use these services for a better online presence?

There is no one right answer. How you can get clients is geographic, demographic and industry related. A properly constructed and optimized website is the foundation for any marketing strategy. Yes, I...

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