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Content is King!

Website content is the collective information that appears your web pages.  This can be images, text, tables or files.  Typically, at the time of the website's design, the web content is fresh and valuable (assuming it is well researched and written!).  But, as things in your business change, your website becomes out of date or incomplete, and your web content can become stale and boring.  Not only do visitors to your site appreciate up-to-date, fresh information and website content, but so do search engines!

No static pages

In the past, old web sites utilized “static” pages and were somewhat cumbersome for clients to add or edit web content.  Site owners generally needed to rely on their web master or web designer to implement changes to their site and to the website content, which, of course, meant time and money.

CMS puts the power in your hands

The breakthrough came with Content Management Systems (CMS), a new way to construct websites and deal with website content. With a CMS, tiers of authority can be given to individuals throughout the company to add or edit web content in real-time, on-screen with little to no chance of them breaking anything.  So, as soon as they save it, the new website content is visible to anyone browsing the website.

This means the job of keeping the website content up to date doesn’t have to fall on one person.  It also means a regular supply of new website content for search engine “spiders” to find.  New content is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization.

However, some of our clients don’t want to be bothered or don’t have the time or confidence to manage their own web content.  We can help here too.  Give us an outline of what you want, we will write it and upload it to your site. Voila!  New website content - no fuss, no bother.  It’s that easy.

Joomla - #1 open-source CMS

Powered by Joomla CMSCitrusKiwi uses Joomla!, the world’s most popular open-source CMS.  Many developers work around the clock, around the world, developing new add-ons and solutions exclusively for Joomla!  This benefits our clients by giving them access to cutting-edge technology and extremely cost-effective tools.  Most of the 4,000+ extensions for Joomla! are free.

Change with the wind

The way a CMS system works means it’s easy to apply new styles to a website without a full rewrite of website content.  Often it is as simple as uploading a new template and, bingo, a new look site.  These systems also feature a variety of plug-ins and extensions that accomplish many, formerly, tricky tasks with ease.  Shopping carts, translations, mobile-ready sites and membership sites can be set up by utilizing one or more extensions.  Content Management can help you take control of all these areas.
Your website content is a vital part of getting, and keeping, traffic.

Content is King!!

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