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A lesson from crashing your plane

I've recently gotten back into Radio Control modeling after a 35+ year absence. My home club is AMOS RC and you can see their site (which we designed and maintain) here. It's a really fun hobby, cheaper than golf, but it  teaches some hard lessons - like New Years day this year.

Being a novice (I was never terribly proficient in the 70s), it's easy to get confused about your plane's attitude in the air and what appropriate control responses are required.  Such was Wednesday... confused pilot, plane too close to the ground - the inevitable happened!  So it's now waiting for the arrival of some new parts so we can get airborne again!

The point of the story is this.  We all go through various circumstances in life and we have the ability to choose to grow from them or to wither because of them.  Don't let anyone try to fool you - there is no status quo!  Everything changes us for good or for bad.

So, at the beginning of a New Year, all business owners should stop and learn a lesson like I did at the field last week.  Look at what worked and improve on it, and look at what didn't and change it.  Did your HR policy work last year?  What about marketing?  Web site or e-commerce?  E-commerce is pretty simple to track - are you getting sales?  Of course, if you're not, it could be you have bad product or are over-priced or under selling your value.  

Whatever type of site you have, are you getting consistent traffic to your site?  Are you, at very worst, on page 2 of searches for your keyphrases.  If the answer is "No" then you need to learn that lesson and make changes.  If the answer is "I don't know" then you need to immediately institute a process whereby you can measure your site's effectiveness.  We provide monthly ranking reports, and Google Analytics reports if required, to all our clients free of charge.  That's a good starting place.

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