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5 Christmas presents for your website

Here's 5 presents you can give your website this Christmas to  help it work better, work smarter and get more business for you.

1. Write a blog

Many clients I speak to have a real phobia about writing a blog, but it's really simple - it just requires commitment. As a business owner, I have no doubt you know a lot about your business, and the industry you're in.  There, already, are a wealth of topics to cover. Throw in a few, what I call, "human interest" stories (see my blog around June/July this year for my daughter's wedding), and you're good to go.

2. Add or renew some content

For search engines and humans alike, new content is considered good (providing it's unique and well written).  Both see it as an indication of a site that's considered important in the scheme of a business's marketing strategy. If you're hesitant about writing new pages, have a look at some older ones first. Check they're current, have the right information, add a little more, try rewording it (careful with SEO there though) until you get comfortable about writing a whole page from scratch.

3. Check your keywords

I hope that, when you last did a major site overhaul, or set up your site, that you, or someone else, did a keyword or -phrase analysis. If you didn't have that done, now is a great time to do it. Think of words and phrases a searcher might enter into Google to find your business, check for search volume and competition, then rewrite your content to capture those searches.

4. Alt tags for the win

A commonly neglected are of SEO are the alt tags on images. These are the words you see appear where an image should be if it's not displaying for some reason. These all contribute to on page SEO and are important in ranking. Go to your site and move your mouse over an image. The little tooltip that appears is what is in your alt tag.

5. Use QR codes

Everyone is familiar with ordinary bar codes - everything has them. The new version of them are called QR Codes. They hold far more information and are scannable by smartphones. So get a QR code that links to, say, your products page and put it on every invoice and statement - maybe link that with some promo - 10% if you scan this code for example. Get a QR code on EVERY piece of hard copy your business sends out. Of course, make sure your site is mobile friendly too!

Merry Christmas!

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