Content writing

Content writing for your websiteWebsite content writing is a specific type of writing.  Not because of the writing per se, but because of the nature of what you're trying to accomplish.  It's not a letter to granny or a romantic poem from a boy trying to impress a girl.  Content writing for the web is about a meaningful, yet concise and punchy message delivered to an audience with the attention span of a 1st grader!  There's SO much material out there (including plenty about your topics), that if yours doesn't grab them and drag them in, they're not going to stay on your site.

That's what makes your front page, or homepage (the most common landing page), so vitally important.  Your pages one layer deep may have information for the surfer so important that it means life and death to them, but they'll never know if your front page isn't top-notch!  They'll navigate away as fast as arriving (called "bouncing").  So, if there's one page that needs good content and great offers, it's the front page.

Content writing, writer's block, and Dustin Hoffman

There's a funny story that occurred during the filming of "Marathon Man" starring Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman.  One morning Hoffman turns up looking half-dead, nearly delirious and completely exhausted.  When questioned on why, Hoffman said, "My character would have been awake for 24 hours at this point in the movie.  I wanted to be in the same condition."  Olivier looked at his co-star and shook his head, saying, "Oh, Dusty, why don’t you just try acting?”  Sometimes writer's block can be overcome just by doing that.  Writing.  Writing ANYTHING!

That's well and good, but what if...

Do you have no clue where to start?

Then probably you should be asking someone else to do it.  Your website is not only an investment, it's a powerful marketing tool - with good OR bad content on it.  Both will affect your visitor; best if it's for good, right?

We work with many clients who have no idea where to go with their "writer's block".  We'll give them a list of "memory joggers" to help them get some stuff down on paper.  We don't ask these clients to write their own polished, web-ready content necessarily, just to supply us with the facts, and we'll weave the story.  Again, your website is too important.

We write content for clients who want us to design their websites, but we don't create it - in other words, you supply us the facts and we'll wordsmith it and weave relevant keywords into it in a natural way.  Talk to us now before you suffer any more content-writing blues.