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Under construction

Under construction

You’re rushing to catch at flight at the airport.  You’re already late seeing as the cat threw up on your spiffy Armani suit as you prepared to walk out the door.  Late and stressing you glance at your watch; yes, you can make it!  You turn onto the last street before the airport… and grind to a halt.  There, standing in the middle of the road is a road worker with a Stop/Go sign in is hand – the road, YOUR road, is under construction!  Frustrating huh?

So are web pages that boldly proclaim “Under construction”.  What were the designers thinking?  There’s an SEO saying, “Content is king”.  More correctly, “GREAT content is king”.  Garbage content is a pauper and “Under construction” is the lowest of paupers.

Those who have read my blogs will see I’ve ranted about this topic before.  So why regurgitate it again?  I had the misfortune of visiting a site last week, that had not 1, not 2, not even 3 or 4 “Under construction” pages, but FIVE!  Why would I ever want to “check back soon…” as the content urged me?  On the rare occasions I have returned to a site with these pages I, invariably, ,find them still “Under construction”.  What is the point of those pages?  Do they serve any useful purpose?  Of course not, so why even have them?  I refuse to do that for clients.  Either the site has sufficient content to go live or it doesn’t.  Period.

Here endeth the rant on “Under construction” pages. </rant>   Over the next few weeks, I’m going to do a series on “Clueless mistakes in web design and SEO”.  In past posts, for space’s sake, I haven’t expanded on any one piece of cluelessness.  Hopefully, in this series, I can expand on the whys and why nots in more depth.

I guess, technically you could say that this series is “Under construction” so check back often for new content…… YUK!!!

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