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Tips for help with emotional and verbal abuse

Hey, don't worry, this is not how we treat our clients!  In fact, our whole marketing strategy is built around our giving our client the best service we can.  That's how we can keep them,and still charg elow monthly fees for the great service we offer.

But the purpose of today's post is not to tell you how great we are - after all, what we tell you will be treated with caution anyway - but to introduce you to our latest live site, and our new client Hurt by Love.  Cindy and Doug have a great ministry reaching out to, mostly, abused women in our world, giving them good, solid, practical advice, a listening ear, and a safe haven to find hope.  Cindy is an abuse survivor herself, so doesn't speak out of someone else's experience or from a dry textbook.  Her experience came at a high price.  Doug, her husband, has 23 years, and counting, working behind the walls of a state prison and brings the experience of dealing with abusers and manipulators of all types. His experience is invaluable.

If you are the victim of emotion or verbal abuse, or you know someone who is, this site is invaluable, with tips, articles, thoughts, and a forum where you can put your pain down "on paper" and get safe advice.  CitrusKiwi is proud to be involved with Hurt by Love.


EDIT:  A few months after kicking off the new site, oug discovered his true vocation as a control freak and wanted more control over their site.  Sadly, we parted ways, though on good terms.  They're an awesome couple with a very needed ministry and we wish them all the best and God's richest blessing for them and Hurt by Love.

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