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Time to revamp your site for 2015

Wow - already January 17, and, to our embarrassment we look at the date of my last post..... The truth is, it's been pretty busy since late last year and then with Christmas and New Year, the blog got a little neglected. And now we're neck deep in revamping our CitrusKiwi site as it needs an overhaul. There have been things we were never totally happy with and we have tons new content going on it; so keep checking back! Expected launch date is the month's end (hopefully this month!! LOL!)

Every year...

We recommend that you look very critically at your site at least once a year. If you're one of our clients, then you'll be getting regular updates about traffic and rankings. From the traffic reports you can determine which pages visitors most frequent, and then you can spend time honing those pages to new-client-producing dynamos! And the others possibly need work too, or at least a more enticing linking to capture people's attention.


One page we really encourage clients to have is a FAQs page. Many site owners think they shouldn't give "valuable" info away for free. The truth is, most of it is available somewhere on the internet anyway. We work on the principle that if you're free with your information, SOME people (sadly not all) will be grateful for it and possibly use you, or at least mention you to someone else.

FAQs are a great way to actually take some load off you. Rather than being bombarded with questions, explaining it well on a FAQ page can often answer the basic questions, so, when someone does ring you, they're already much closer to buying.


Though we're a bit slack in this area ourselves, and we acknowledge it does take work, gathering testimonials is a must-do job. Testimonials on Yelp, Google+ and other sites are good too, casting your net wider for potential clients. However, having them on your site is very important too. We suggest making up a template email (here's how to make a template email in Outlook) and send it to every client you've completed business with. Follow up with a phone call for a better strike rate. Or create a 1/2 page (maximum) size testimonial collector to give to each client after you finish work for them. Best time to get testimonials is as they hand you the check.

 Take time right now to look at your site and determine what needs an upgrade (maybe the whole site does!). Those who have monthly subscriptions with uscan use some of their free 12 hours of maintenance to have us help with it. Happy New Year!

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