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A referral is a referral right?

When is a referral not a referral? When it's a lead, a lead being slightly more than a cold call. At worst, a referral should be a warm call, and, if we, the referral giver, do our job right, it should be a hot call. Our referral should be straining at the leash desperate to buy from our trusted source. But how often do we get those sort of referrals? Here are 5 levels of referrals.

1. Name, rank and serial number. This probably constitutes most referrals given in BNI. You give the contact details, maybe some details of the project, and perhaps remember to mention that "Joe" will be contacting them. Temperature 100 degrees.

2. Here's a brochure. In addition to #1, you give the referral some marketing material. Temperature 110 degrees.

3. He/she does amazing work. OK, you're starting to cultivate the referral now. You share a strong written or verbal testimonial with the referral - what they did for you and how it affected you. Temperature 160 degrees

4. Let me set up a meeting. At this level you're really starting to cook. You call your source while you're with the referral and arrange a meeting between them. Temperature 180 degrees.

5. The whole 9 yards. This puts you in the referral superstar slot! In addition to #s 1-4, you arrange a personal, in-person introduction between your source and the referral. Temperature 212 degrees! At this point your referral should basically be sold and your source will be meeting to touch hands and sign the deal.

So, help out your fellow members and go the extra mile when developing a referral, and don't forget to record them. At any level, use the BNI app which allows you to record any slip immediately. Also remember that a referral slip is entered for the first instance only. Repeat visits or jobs are considered extra TYFCB, but not a new referral 

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