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9 reasons for credit card acceptance

In the days where you'd pick up a phone book to find a business, almost no websites accepted credit cards, in fact, many businesses didn't at their bricks and mortar site. But that's all changed now, with more and more purchases, even of major items, being conducted online. And the only easy way to accomplish those transactions online is with a credit or debit card.

Not just the "big boys"

"I'm just a little guy..."; "I'm a roofing contractor; it doesn't work for me." Wrong and wrong! The internet has levelled the playing field when it comes to size. No longer do you need to be huge to be successful online. And the good news is that anyone can benefit from accepting online payments. The catch phrase is..

Make it easy to pay!

The more ways your customers have to pay, the more likely they will!

  1. If people want to pay with a debit or credit card, and you don't offer it, they'll likely go elsewhere.
  2. Research has shown that commercial sites can triple their sales just by adding credit card payments.
  3. Credit cards attract impulse purchases. It's easier to spend on a card without feeling the guilt factor, and it's quick.
  4. Credit cards know no boundaries. Your site won't be restricted to local customers to come to you with payment.
  5. They're fast to process, secure, and hassle-free for customers.
  6. Credit card transactions require no trips to the bank. The funds are deposited electronically and are, often, there immediately for use.
  7. Card transactions eliminate the "check's in the mail" or bouncing checks and costly debt collection.
  8. Setting up your site to accept cards is quick and simple, and cost effective.
  9. Websites which accept credit cards have a much more professional and business-like feel than those that don't. That's one way a "little guy" can take on the "big boys".

So do yourself and your website a favor, and get started witha credit card acceptance!

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