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Color for your website

Color themes perform a crucial role in sending a message about your company to visitors on your website. It is now common knowledge that colors can represent disparate ideas based on different cultures and traditions. For our purposes, we primarily design from a western perspective unless it is for a global or oversea audience. In each of those individual cases, we do our research before we start designing.

Warm colors (shades of red, orange, yellow) suggest feelings of optimism, energy and happiness. But intense warm colors (like pure red or yellow) can actually elevate one’s heart rate because they are associated with aggression or warnings.
Cooler colors (shades of green, blue, purple) are connected with prosperity, nature, tranquility and loyalty. Yet intense or over usage of one cool color can also induce feelings of jealousy, aggression or irritation.

Many websites go into depth about the emotions and connotations with specific colors. If you want to learn more, Google color characteristics. Whether working with warm or cool colors, intense shades are often best used as accent colors, rather than being the primary color used. Using the interactive Paletton color wheel is a fun place to begin seeing how colors interact in various schemes (mono, complementary, etc.). It is one of our go-to tools when we want to get some fresh ideas for a new project.

If you already have a logo/brand established, this will need to fit in with the website design styles, including the color theme decided upon. It doesn’t necessarily dictate the website color theme, but the two do need to complement each other.

At CitrusKiwi we agree that two heads are better than one, and we typically collaborate on color themes for our projects. Popular themes change with the times, as evidenced in an outdated kitchen with appliances from the 70’s. Sometimes the color theme, alone, is enough for us to agree that a website is due for a redesign!

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