Internet marketing

Internet marketingThe introduction of computers changed the face of marketing, and the Internet has done the same.  Internet marketing is fast, global in reach and cost effective.  Now even small businesses can reach millions of people all over the globe with a quality Internet marketing campaign.  Internet marketing has helped level the playing field.

Who should use Internet marketing?

Everyone!  Just having a website is Internet marketing.  But there is more to Internet marketing than just getting yourself a website.  There's getting a good website, properly optimized for search phrases which are relevant to you.  Secondly, getting it out there in terms of building back-links, writing articles, and blogging on-site.  From that point, you can look at PPC (Pay Per Click) or P4P (Pay for Placement) campaigns to help promote traffic.

How CitrusKiwi looks at Internet marketingInternet marketing

When we are designing - so right at the very outset - we are thinking Internet marketing.  As with SEO, it's better to be thinking your strategy at the front end, rather than trying to go back and make it happen after the fact.  Of course, there's going to be new trends and new avenues to explore in the future, and we don't claim that the first up copy of your website will cover your Internet marketing needs forever.  You and your website will need to adapt to changing technology, changing demands from your customers, and from new directions from within your company.  We will be here to help you with that!

Bullet point Internet marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization - crafting your website and online presence to rank well in organic searches
  • Search Engine Marketing - increasing your website's visibility through the use of paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion
  • Banner placement - advertising on other (usually allied) websites - displaying sites usually receive either lump sum or PPC revenue
  • Email Marketing - Utilizing standard email to send messages covering services, products, offers or specials
  • Web 2.0 - blogging, social media, and greater collaborative information sharing

Internet marketing is now something every business needs to look at seriously, and implement - it's no longer an option; it must be a basic survival strategy.