CitrusKiwi client full worksheet

Thank you for signing the contract and completing the payment setup. Remember that the first payment is not due for 45 days from today's date.

The questions below will help form the basis of your new site, so it's important that you are as full and descriptive as possible (there are 7 sections). The more you give us now the less we'll need to come back to you for information and the quicker we can complete your site.

1. About your business/organization

2. The website

Drag and drop files here or Browse

3. Keywords/phrases

Write down keyphrases you think customers would use to search for your products and/or services. These will generally be 2+ word phrases rather than single words.

Great. We'll send an email to introduce you to our Search Engine Optmization expert.

4. Other sites

List any other sites you've seen that you like. Please note, specifically, what you liked about them. "They looked really cool" doesn't tell us what you like.

List the URL, then a description of what it is you like.

5. Email addresses

6. Social media services

We can put icons to you social media platforms on your website. Please list all you would like us to do this for.
Great. We'll send an email to introduce you to our social media expert.

7. Other information