Non-Profit website design

For us at CitrusKiwi, it isn't all about what our income is; we love to give back. Even a small effort, in some way, can result in someone else's life being a little better. We recognize that non-profits, and not-for-profits, often struggle financially, while they are doing wondeful and valuable work in their communities. We want to recognize and reward their sacrificial efforts. So we offer non-profit and not-for-profit organizations 50% off our plans for their first year.

If your non-profit, club, sports club, or other not-for-profit website isn't performing the way you want, or your designer just doesn't have the same engagement with your views, then we can help. Get your site designed (or redesigned), hosted, maintained, and reported on, plus get our help for free for 12 hours every year, all for a simple low monthly subscription. No upfront charges for design, no tricks, no gimmicks; just honest, quality customer service.

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