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Connecting with the past

I spent the last weekend visitng old friends (well, some of them aren't that old!) and family before flying back to the States on Wednesday. It got me to thinking about how important the past really is. I know as kids we all hated visiting the old, crusty relatives, but the past has a great deal to teach us - if we are prepared to bother to learn from it.

It's said that the definition of insanity is repeating the same action, but expecting a different outcome. Even if it's not true for every situation, it very much holds true for website design and, especially, SEO. Unfortunately, with SEO, the goalposts keep moving which doesn't help either. That's why ongoing SEO work is so important. Yes, we must looWeddings are awesome!k back (at past results or failures) to be able to plan ongoing strategies, but the SEO "designer" also needs to remain acutely aware of the latest changes and how they will impact current, and future, SEO work.


SEO upholds the old definition of insanity well. It is a constant process of test and measure, test and measure. I, and many others, have said it before... SEO is NEVER on one time fix. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wasting your time and money!

I can't finish this without posting at least one wedding photo! It was a great day, and the father of the bride had a few moments where he had to choke back the tears!

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