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Early days

We started our design work and business development in other fields.  When the Internet began to develop into a marketing tool, we were quick to adopt it for our own business.  At that stage, there were far fewer choices in web designers.  After having a local designer set up a site for one of our businesses we were horrified with what passed for "web design".  We found ourselves developing our own websites and eventually those of friends and colleagues once they saw what we could do.

The 3 generation difference

The team at CitrusKiwi Web Solutions span over 60 years, covering 3 different generations:  the savvy Boomer, the self-reliant Gen-X and the experimental Millennial.  These three segments represent approximately 188 million people in theWe cover 3 generations! US alone.  When we interact with a client, we are able to bring the insight and ideas of each of these generations to deliver a website design, logo, and marketing strategy with cross-generational appeal and impact.  That's a powerful advantage for you and your business!

The CitrusKiwi difference

It is vitally important to have clear strategies and objectives during the design process.  This simple concept is often overlooked in many website designs as it's more difficult and labor intensive than it appears.  Secondly, the design needs to integrate with search engine optimization and marketingProudly American labor only! campaigns.  This important synergy is often overlooked, underestimated or, worse still, not even comprehended.

We decided early on that we couldn't just design great websites, we needed to offer the full package.  So we no longer take piecemeal commissions.  We will design, optimize and host as a total package, but don't offer these separately.  They're too important and inter-twined with each other.

And we don't outsource overseas.  We are disappointed at North American companies which chase the bottom line in Asia, India and South America.  While our economy suffers, billions of dollars head overseas.  Right at the outset, we decided to keep Americans employed when we outsource.

Ian Shere - founder and CEO of CitrusKiwi Web Solutions LLCWe know how you feel!

We're a small business, so we understand the challenges facing small businesses.  That's why we came up with the business model we use - no upfront fees, just a low monthly amount to get your business online afford-ably.  You don't want the hassle of your web designer blaming the host, who blames the SEO "expert", who blames the designer!  Three calls and you've gotten no where!  With CitrusKiwi, one call, one email gets it all.

Why do we do this?  We want long term relationships with our clients.  We invest our time and energy into your company upfront, then work hard to keep your business.  We are committed to delivering great service and products.

We are a small business.  Our passion is to assist other small businesses to catapult themselves into the 2010’s with a quality website design, hosting & SEO.

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