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Why we do what we do

We love small business! But more than that. We believe that small businesses are the fundamental building blocks of our economy. American doesn't exist because of the giants like Microsoft, General Motors or McDonalds. Those companies exist because of small business. Whilst big corporations employ thousands or millions, small businesses of 10 or less employees, statistically, employ at a ratio of around 4:1 over businesses with 11+ employees.

So, because small business is not only a huge employer, but a massive contributor to the economic stability of America, we believe they deserve a better break than they normally get. It's hard to compete with a national chain on even terms. We wanted to help small business thrive, not just survive! Having owned our own small businesses for a cobined total of over 30 years, we understand the frustrations and pain (and the fun!) of being small business owners. That's why we came up with our (at the time) pretty unique way of offering our services

.In a nutshell, despite being the backbone of the country, small businesses get a raw deal. Our response is our way of fighting for small business!

How we do what we do

We have come to realize that small businesses generally lack in 3 major areas: time, money & expertise. Most business owners start their own business to get away from "the Boss" and have more time and money. Often that never happens.

Lack of time

Once they have their own business, owners find themselve constantly pulled in every direction. Now, they're not only the "technician", but they're the "marketing manager", the "CFO", the "HR department", "accounts receivable" and "accounts payable". the "compliance department", and the list goes on. THere just aren't enough hours in the day.

Lack of money

The vast majority of small businesses are cash poor, especially in the first years. Plant and capital purchases, compliance and regulatory fees, payroll, etc, often leave little for other aras, such as advertising, R&D, or the boss's paycheck!

Lack of expertise

Very few businesses start with no technical expertise for their field of endeavor. However, they are usually seriously lacking in expert help in the areas mentioned in "Lack of time".

The CitrusKiwi solution

We saw there needs to be a better way to offer web services to our customers. One where they didn't have to expend a lot of time, part with a lot of money, or need to have a lot of expertise. The monthly subscription model was born. Not a concept that's new by any means, but we're confident to say we were early adopters, and still quite rare in the web design world.

A small, monthly subscription gets a great website design, professionally hosted, all the on page optimization completed, 2 monthly reports, and 12 hours of our time, FREE, every year.

No upfront fees, nothing for 45 days, low monthly subscriptions

What we do

We design (or redesign) great websites that engage your customers and work. We maintain them and advise you on upkeep. WE smooth out your cash flow, take a critical job off your hands and do it right, and give you 12 free hours of expert advice and maintainence each year.

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