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Ack, Inc. Computers

Ack's owner had 2 websites running - one under the main domain name and another as a sub-domain of Wix. Neither site did this wonderful business justice. So we took the best elements of each, added some more text and graphics, and created a site which gives Ack, Inc. the web presence they deserve.

Completed: Mar 20, 2014

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logo amosAMOS RC model club

The club, based in Lincoln, CA had one of their members doing the website maintenance, and doing a not too bad job.  But, like most things done part time around work, changes were needed and updates required.  As Ian had just restarted RC flying, he offered to make a new site for the club that provided better info and usability.  The comments from the club have been very favorable.

Completed: Aug 18, 2012


AZ Solexx

The owner of AZ Solexx was somewhat apprehensive going into this project because of costs. Once we laid out our unique monthly subscription plans, he was much happier. However, once we finished the site, he was happier still. Getting a great web presence doesn't mean paying a lot of money.

Completed: September 28 20, 2014

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BBQ Magic

Just down the road from us in Vacaville lives the inventor of the "Brimroast" - a revolutionary BBQ accessory.  When Phil came to us he was on the brink of receiving his first shipment of product so we had to work smartly to get his site up to coincide with the arrival.  In a high competition niche, his website was found by the Rachel Ray show, and his product featured on it in 2011 - the traffic response was huge!

Completed Oct 10, 2010

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Canyon Desert Painting

The original site had been completed by a friend of the owner. However, this person had moved back East and was pursueing other interests. The owner tried editing the original site (written in WordPress) without luck and grew increasingly frustrated. Ove a period of 6-8 weeks we talked back and forth until he finally decided, at $44.78 per month, that his time was much more valuable doign what he does best, quality painting, and left us with the job of revamping the site. His comment on seeing the first draft was, "I'm impressed you have done this before right?"

Completed: September 26 20, 2014

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Casa Mario

There was an existing one page site with a booking link which wasn't working for the owner.  We saw that a "portal" type site for the Cabo San Lucas area based around this rental property was going to be more beneficial for him.  So we totally scrapped the old site and rebuilt the new one from scratch including surfing and fishing info, and a directory of restaurant reviews.  Hundreds of visits a month speak for the results.

Completed:Jan 12, 2012

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dgd logoDigital Guard Dawg

The owner came to us for a major revamp of a website he'd built, and maintained, for years. It was just lookign a bit tired, and he wanted to concentrate on what he did well - world class security products and electronic gadgets for vehicles. We changed him out of the shop product he was in to one which seamlessly integrated with his new site, and streamlined the navigation.

Completed: Dec 01, 2013

Evans Family ChiropracticEvans Family Chiropractic

Another site that had been around for a while without a lot of direction of SEO work completed on it. The clients also wanted to rebrand themselves to better describe their practice and so this was a perfect time to redo the site. As part of the makeove, we tried to generate the "family" feel the clients wanted for their practice, and also gave their clients an easy way to schedule treatments without even having to pick up a phone.

Completed: Nov 19, 2012

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Force One Construction

Jerry had an existing site, but wasn't getting the traffic he wanted.  We copied the site with some tweaks here and there.  Our goal was not only more traffic and jobs, but to keep a continuity with the existing site in terms of looks.  Some old content was removed, and new content added.  Traffic is now steady as the site climbs in the rankings.

Completed: Nov 11, 2011

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Force One Fitness

Force One Fitness is a great success story, and testimony to the fact that even young sites can do well.  Noah created a number of workout videos and placed them on YouTube.  We then shared them on the site.  This, combined with some good content, nearly all written by Noah himself, has gotten him thousands of visitors a month for a site less than a year old at the time of writing.

Completed: Aug 11, 2011

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