Legal website design

One area we have had good success in is the legal community. Too often we see legal websites that are, well, too legal! They aren't friendly, and, frankly, you can feel intimidated just being there. Plus they're often so complicated to navigate around, it's hard, if not impossible, to find what you want. We specialize in simple, easy to navigate sites that don't require a law degree to operate! After all, you do WANT visitors to learn about your legal practice and find the information they want from YOU, right? Why make them play 20 questions to get a simple answer?

If your law firm, attorney, paralegal, or notary website isn't performing the way you want, or your designer just doesn't have that feel for the legal industry, then we can help. Get your site designed (or redesigned), hosted, maintained, and reported on, plus get our help for free for 12 hours every year, all for a simple low monthly subscription. No upfront charges for design, no tricks, no gimmicks; just honest, quality customer service.

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